Vietnam Journeys "Places", page 4
That's Gerry Schooler of Viet Tour Expeditions looking over Truong Son Cemetery. It sits near the DMZ. This is their Arlington cemetery holding over 20,000 war dead. Apparently, many of their dead were removed from the battlefield and hidden in graves that were carefully recorded as to the exact location. After the war, locator teams exhumed the remains and reburied them in the various cemeteries around the country with this one being the largest. As a side note, the ARVN cemeteries were usually just bulldozed out of the way to make room for the graves of the NVA victors.
The Citadel in Hue.
One of my goals during my 1994 trip was to locate and explore the site where a French convoy was ambushed. The so-called Chu Dreh Massacre in 1954. As we drove near the location I was convinced that my guide had passed the spot of the attack. I saw an old man sitting under a tree and had the guide ask him about the location of the attack. With incredible luck, I had come upon this Rhade Montagnard (in the middle) who was in the actual ambush in 1954. He was part of a Montagnard unit walking point for the column. He is the man in the middle in the red jacket. See his story in the Diary.
While hiking up to Hamburger Hill, I turned around on the trail and saw this water buffalo. That's the Dong So mountain range in the background which is northeast of Hamburger Hill. This range was known as the "Warehouse" during the war for the many NVA supply caches.