Vietnam Journeys "Places", page 5
Even some twenty-five years after the fact you can still find some war damage. This home sits just outside the Phu Bai airstrip along Highway One. It is still the home to a family.
That's my brother Steve with our interpreter on the Khe Sanh runway. We're trying to get an accurate reading of our location using a GPS. In the open, the GPS worked flawlessly. When we were in the deep jungle headed for the top of Hamburger Hill it was not much help. While on the airstrip at Khe Sanh, Steve could pull up at least five satellites but in the jungle even when we did find a clearing to the sky we were lucky to get one or two.
To me this shot really symbolizes Khe Sanh today. That's Hill 1015 and Hill 950 in the distance.
That's Hill 861 in the distance. We never made it to the top as our guides said it was too dangerous to travel beyond a certain point. It is an incredible view from near the summit--all the way into Dong Ha.