Vietnam Journeys "Places", page 3
This is the home of the local arms dealer of the village of Khe Sanh. Those guys I met hauling that huge artillery round out of the jungle near the Lang Vei Special Forces camp probably ended up here.
It was late in the day and it had been a long day of touring the area around Khe Sanh and Lang Vei. We took a break at the "arms dealer's" home and watched as ordnance was brought in from the countryside. I got out to photograph a guy unloading his oxcart of 105mm rounds he had uncovered. He'd reach into the cart, pickup a round and toss it into the growing pile at his feet. After I had photographed him doing this for several minutes, I realized the stupidity of my situation everytime he tossed a round on the pile and it made a loud clank. I quickly moved away from this scene.
The lure of finding what we left behind. I ran into these guys using old beat-up Russian metal detectors to search for relics of the war. This photo was taken at Khe Sanh but I saw these same guys at Con Thien. Before crude metal detectors they used long metal probes to search for stuff. I'm told that every now and then a probe would meet with a live round. Also, there is the story of the scavenger probing one day when he struck a bulldozer that had been buried--he was set for life.