Vietnam Journeys "People of Vietnam", page 2
In a montagnard village south of Kontum.

About an hour northwest of Nha Trang I stopped to watch this woman and thirty or forty others harvest rice.
While I'm taking this photograph, all the other women involved in the rice harvest are standing behind me making wisecracks to this woman and trying to make her laugh.

I met this little guy while wandering around the main marketplace in Hue.
These two little guys live happily west of An Khe.
As you drive south out of the village of Aloui in the Ashau valley you come to a turnoff which goes back to Hue. This road winds through the mountains past Firebases Berchtesgaden, Cannon, Blaze and Veghel. This little girl and her friends were diving off a bridge built by the U.S. Army during the war. The bridge was between Blaze and Veghel.