Vietnam Journeys "People of Vietnam", page 7

When we came down from Hamburger Hill we met several women carrying firewood to their homes. I was so interested in their pipes and jewerly that I bartered for it as well as the necklaces.
This mother and child were out for a stroll in the twilight of the day. We had just come down from Hamburger Hill.
We ran into this veteran in the Khe Sanh marketplace, 1996.
This woman was all of 4 feet tall if she was an inch. She happily puffed on her pipe as she made her way across the old Khe Sanh airstrip.

There is no better ice breaker in the world like a Polaroid. The mountains in the back are part of the range containing Dong Ap Bia or Hamburger Hill.
In the countryside outside of Saigon.
Two brothers foolin' around in their mother's restaurant south of Ban Me Thuot.
A very curious little pixie checks out my camera.