Vietnam Journeys "People of Vietnam", page 4
These two old montagnard women live in a village about 8 miles northeast of Hamburger Hill in the Ashau valley. What stories they could tell. This is a video still.
I ran into this little guy while videotaping in the Kontum market.
While wandering around the dock area just north of the main bridge going north out of Nha Trang, I came across this young boy working in a bike repair shop. Another video frame.
During the 1968 Tet Offensive the NVA set up their main headquarters in a building about 4 miles northwest of Hue to control their attack on the city and the Citadel. I had to walk about a mile into this village to find the building and along the way met alot of happy people. This was in 1994 on the same day the U.S. had lifted the trade embargo. When I walked out I had about 75 children and villagers walking with me, all excited about the news.